Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sharp decline in visual acuity was originally nose into trouble

59-year-old aunt had been hale and hearty Shaw, paying attention, his right eye last two months, but can not see how things are. At first she just blurring of vision, that is presbyopia, Who knows the right eye 1 month before the sharp decline in visual acuity, only to see the faint light, even a child's face was not clear. Erupted in Shaw can be with the anxious aunt, traveled major hospitals in the eye, a child check down pass was not aware that a problem.

An experienced doctor recommended her to the ENT doctor, found the results really the crux of the original compression of the optic nerve is a sinus cyst. Since oppression is a long time, almost all of the Shaw's visual acuity is not optimistic about the aunt. Fortunately, a doctor in ENT surgery for the implementation of Shaw aunt, her visual acuity is inspiring. The first postoperative day, Xiao aunt could see the light, and the fifth day will be able to see the facial contours of the ... ...

So what is the disease had such serious consequences? Sinus is a human skull base some of the gas in the cavity, nasal cavity around around around in pairs, from front to back are: frontal, maxillary, ethmoid, butterfly sinus. Frontal sinus is located above the orbit, maxillary sinus is located below the eyes, the lateral wall of the ethmoid sinus is the medial wall of the orbit, the optic nerve to go back after walking outside the top of the sphenoid sinus. Sinus inflammation, trauma, tumors and other lesions may be invasive to the eyes and optic nerve, resulting in proptosis, diplopia, decreased vision or even blindness.

Shaw is the aunt of Onidi ethmoid sinus air after a long room, a cyst, infection, and compression to the optic nerve invasion, so it appeared decreased vision. Fortunately, due to treatment in a timely manner, Xiao aunt's vision was restored. Here to remind you that when there was no obvious incentive to vision changes, eye lesions after the exclusion of the need to guard against the possibility of nasal disease, early visits to the ENT.

Headache for half a year was originally due to nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Cheng headache for six months, after multi-treatment ineffective, and the neck lymph nodes clear, then go to the Armed Police Hospital, Otorhinolaryngology Centre - Head and Neck Surgery examination, medical admissions Wang Chenghua View lymph nodes, asking about her condition, the headache for half a year, probably by NPC result.

Yesterday, Mr Cheng to the center of the Armed Police Hospital, Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery to take EB virus and pathological examination report card report card report card on the pathology showed non-keratinizing undifferentiated carcinoma, Dr. Wang Chenghua said that NPC is a headache caused Cheng root causes.

Cheng, 41, six months ago suddenly felt a headache, once the pain to want to wall, at the local hospital for treatment of nervous headache, six months in the past, Mr Cheng that the treatment effect was not obvious, and neck lumps, the local doctors recommendation, to the Armed Police Hospital of Otorhinolaryngology receive check-ups.

Dr. Wang Chenghua introduction, nasopharyngeal carcinoma in the head and neck cancer incidence is high, the main symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma sucks the blood of aldicarb, tinnitus, headache, and headache when the initial symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer, nearly 70% of the nasal pharyngeal cancer patients such as headaches, and is continuing. In addition, due to many reasons produce headache, few people think of nasopharyngeal cancer, both doctors and patients lack of vigilance, the primary symptom of this neglect, resulting in a high misdiagnosis rate of nasopharyngeal cancer, cautioned that patients with persistent headache must go to hospital.

Rhinitis, sinusitis, What are the characteristics of nasopharyngeal carcinoma have a headache?

In ENT, nasal disease often does not have to tell patients suffering nose, but first of all tell a headache, or swelling, or pain, or men Tong, often caused by reflex and frontal, temporal, occipital or whole head pain. Original, nose with rich, dense distribution of nerve fibers, inflammatory disease often involving the nasal mucosa, skin and surrounding tissues, organs, and even penetrated to the brain to stimulate nerve endings, causing headaches. Clinically, the most common chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, headache in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

Chronic rhinitis patients often seek medical chief complaint of headache, why do rhinitis can cause headaches? The original, and headache due to nasal congestion caused by poor ventilation. The main frontal headache to have to squeeze a sense, mostly dull pain or tenderness.

Chronic sinusitis, headache 53%, which is characterized by maxillary sinusitis persistent dull headache, in the temporal side, up and down the afternoon light weight, sleeping position as the natural drainage, relieve headaches; frontal headache in patients with the orbital and forehead, to noon, heavy headache, 3 to 4 pm and mitigate, the night may disappear; the former group of ethmoid, the headache in the forehead, brow and bridge of the nose or between the medial orbital; after the group of ethmoid The headache mainly in the head and back of the eye. Paranasal sinuses, the sinus area with tenderness and percussion pain, and headache, nasal congestion, diminished sense of smell.

High incidence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Guangdong. Sometimes, the main headache pain for patients, 1 / 5 of patients can occur early, if older patients, accompanied by nasal obstruction, epistaxis, hearing loss, tinnitus, cervical lymph node swelling and other symptoms, should be wary of nasopharyngeal carcinoma possible. The headache characteristics: at the side of the frontal temporal, facial, occipital, there are intermittent initially, gradually increasing, continuing into the future, the nature of diverse, sometimes even play at night, more significant, serving painkillers often ineffective. Some patients with trigeminal neuralgia symptoms. If the cancer metastasis to the skull base, cranial nerve paralysis can occur.

Treatment should be cure, cure nasal disease, the headaches often disappear soon.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Persistent cough, discharge from the ears after taking magic healing

Cough with discharge from the ears, two words may seem irrelevant, even closely related in specific circumstances. A patient can not find the cause of dry cough for several months, the facial features in an accidentally removed when checking large ear wax, the Persistent dry cough actually unexpectedly disappeared!

This particular cough is related to the external auditory canal by ear wax and other parts of the nerve produced reflex foreign body, affecting the body's respiratory nerve and showed symptoms of dry cough.

Experts point out that in most cases, earwax will need regular Qutao off and removed from the body itself, unless it is within the ear canal due to scaling, dust and other foreign matter accumulate large or even serumen embolism only when the need for timely treatment to the hospital . On the contrary, daily Taoer Duo or improper ear cleaning, ear hurt more easily, more stringently, other patients induced ear canal.

* General - earwax will fall off on their own

According to reports, the human ear canal has a gland called the serumen gland will secrete a viscous yellow liquid, school name for serumen, in fact, people commonly known as earwax. This substance normally secreted out of the event after the air becomes dry and thin, could adhere to outside dust, insects, etc., on the external ear canal skin has protective effects.

Although serumen gland secretion serumen will continue, but do not take the initiative to Qu Tao, in general, need not worry that their ears would be plugged. Because ear wax in people daily chewing, mouth and other movements in the lower jaw will be vibration, and shedding their own excreted.

* Oil ear crowd - clearly the best two or three months a discharge from the ears

Reminded, there is a special kind of oil ears crowd, ears secrete more internal fat, canal off the epithelium, the dust may be secreted out of serumen form mixed groups, and gradually blocking the external auditory canal, forming serumen thrombosis, tinnitus, hearing loss, induced ear inflammation. Therefore, this population clearly the best two or three months a discharge from the ears.

Particularly like the swimmers, if earwax are more likely expansion in the ear after contact with water, the resulting hearing loss. In addition, the ear wax in the wet conditions and temperatures appropriate growth of bacteria, causing inflammation of the external auditory canal, triggering symptoms such as fever, it is best to clean up before swimming away.

Suggested that the best ear wash to the ENT, so that experienced staff with strict sterile tools to carry out. Especially those with dry hard serumen embolism, can be 3% ¯ 5% sodium bicarbonate solution, ear drops, let it soften hook up, or wash out with normal saline.

Stimulate the auditory canal foreign body reaction with cough

"Clinically, we found that health care to patients in the clean ears, some person may feel itchy throat, or dry cough, that is when so-called 'ear cough reflex'.", Our ears, throat and trachea are connected neural , there are some people in the relevant parts of the superficial nerves, more sensitive.

So when the ear canal by earwax and other large foreign bodies have repeatedly stimulated the "cough reflex ear", as long as the removal of the stimulus, the phenomenon of this particular reflex also disappeared.

Ear wax product will actually cause more coughing! Some people think that as long as the usual attention to clean the ears, often dig a dig that would not have such problems, right? This, that is a misunderstanding.

"Such cases are rare." Clinically, the majority of cough or respiratory disease with, "If that often dig earwax can against cough, then become a joke." Remind people: usually necessary to correctly handle earwax.

Cutting tools are not disinfected easily induced ear canal inflammation

"Everyday life, there are people who really dig earwax habit of many!" People often nothing more than tools of Cutting ear swabs and dug Ershao, some people will get their little finger nail to stay longer, from time to time out into go crunching the ears, in fact, the habit is not healthy.

Easily hurt efforts to control poor eardrums

"Some people like to place in a number of beauty salons wash wash wash your hair the way, after the ear, the result had to go to the hospital to wash something wrong." Clinical dig bad or broken ear wash to seek treatment for patients are not uncommon.

It is described in some patients, ear wash those areas when the staff would cover his hands and force their ears, and then forced vibration and shaking, to mobilize the eardrum vibration off the ear wax, finished he could dig Ershao dig earwax. Analysis that the intensity of the action, if handled badly, it is easily cut into the eardrum; again, these establishments and the amount of ears everyday household tools mostly are not strictly disinfected, it is easy to the ear into the bacteria, cause infection, even induced ear disease go far.

Recommended not to indiscriminately dig earwax daily, even for bathing and shampooing the ear caused by water swimming, etc., also need cotton swabs used to clean up. If water for a long time, just hop hop, this movement gently shake out the water in the ears; if only slightly ears wet, then let it dry on the line, did not need treatment.

Inventory of the most injured ear phone mode 7

Modern life, science and technology development, and cell phone is almost one, and fast-paced work, let us every day and the phone has a "touch", electromagnetic radiation also silently in virtually hurt our bodies, for which Experts remind people, get rid of bad calls seven habits:

Get rid of bad phone habits of seven

1, private phone "hid in a corner quietly said"

Content involving private telephone, many people like to hide in a corner of the building to answer. As a general rule, building a relatively poor signal coverage corner, so to a certain extent, to cell phone radiation power increases. For the same reason, in an elevator and other small, enclosed environment, cell phones should also be careful.

2, dial a mobile phone close to ear

Make a call without a connected cell phone, the radiation will be significantly enhanced, at this time should be allowed mobile phones away from the head, interval of about five seconds after the call.

3, the cell phone around your neck or waist

The scope of mobile phone radiation is a mobile phone ring for the center zone, the distance between the phone and the human body determine the extent of radiation absorbed by the body. Therefore, people with cell phones need to maintain "distance from the United States."

Medical experts have pointed out, heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia's people, particularly mobile phones can not hang on his breast. Phone if the often talked about the human body near the waist or abdomen, may affect reproductive function. More healthy and safe way is to carry a cell phone on the package, and as far as possible on the outer package, to ensure good coverage.

4, cell phone signal weaker, the closer ear

When the phone signal becomes weak, many people will instinctively try to close the phone to the ear. But according to the phone works, the signal is weak, the phone will automatically increase the transmission power of electromagnetic wave, so radiation intensity increased significantly. At this point put his ear close to the head will be multiplied by the radiation.

5, "an ear" to burn "mobile phone porridge"

The results show that the continuous radiation may cause prolonged brain affected. Experts suggest that should not use mobile phones for extended conversations, consider switching to a fixed phone or using headphones, if we had a long talk directly to your phone, it should be rotated every 12 minutes to answer about ears.

6, Akira West, go east, often moving

Some people like a cell phone without consciously pacing Fang Bu, frequent walking, but I do not know and moving location will cause the received signal strength fluctuations, which lead to unnecessary short-term high-power transmission.

In addition, cell phones in a moving vehicle, mobile phones may be the region in order to avoid too frequent switching, and designated high-power base station covering a wider range of services, the transmit power will increase due to increased transmission distance.

7, long-term Waibo call

Some studies show that the tilting or stretching the neck over a long time can lead to ischemic stroke, and easy to clip the phone side of the face, Health and acne.

The Health way that how to use cell phone

The first one

During a call or text message not to the side button while access to other items, in particular, do not access food from the mouth into the patient care. At the same time try not to let other people use mobile phones to avoid cross infection.

The second measure

All the best weekly alcohol swab dampened with medical gently wipe the phone keyboard, screen and other parts of mobile phones. If you do not have the heart to the love machine spent a lot of money by the alcohol, "torture" can go to phone customer service by means of UV or ozone cleaning.

The third measure

Call, the phone and keep at least 5 cm away from the body.

Seventh stroke

Mobile phone running out of power, the charging better not call.

Fourth recruit

Sleep, do not put phone on the pillow next to the pregnant woman is best not to use mobile phones.

Fifth recruit

Call, regularly change body towards. This will spread the radiation suffered by the body.

Sixth recruit

Little more than text messaging phone. This will reduce the phone with the head of the contact time.

Eighth trick

Avoid receiving a call while charging boot: Many people encounter when the phone is not power, for fear of delay into the phone, often driving charge their cell phones. If you start charging, without any mobile phone operation will not affect life span. However, if the access side charge Collage, phone, text messaging, playing games, will be on the phone, and cell damage.

According to analysis, cell phone charging voltage higher than the standby time, if at the same time and receive calls and other operations, in the call or connect to the network of transient voltage many times more than usual, easy to make mobile phone parts inside a sensitive and complicated by damage to maintenance led to frequent phone. Second, charging ten times the number of radiation are usually, will damage the human body. Therefore, charging the phone turned on, it is best not to make and receive calls and other operations.

Avoid the abuse of non-inflammatory throat throat tablet

Beijing's winter has always been high season throat diseases, coupled with the end of meetings, social activities increased, many people tend to use voice over, worsening throat health. Doctors believe that the way to protect the throat, as determined etiology, in addition to keep warm, avoid spicy, quit alcohol, in order to have a good vice the clearest voice.

Throat tablet when the health care products? No inflammation bogey free service throat tablet containing

Some of throat discomfort, like the service 24 hours a day with throat piece, it was also clean mouth when chewing gum. Yan-Ping Zhang warned that taking random throat tablet is harmful.

Throat tablet clearing and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory sterilization, throat pain and other effects, used to treat pharyngitis, mouth ulcers, tonsillitis, hoarseness, and bad breath and other diseases. As the throat piece of accessories to add the appropriate sugar, eucalyptus oil and other substances, taste cool and comfortable, many people do not treat it as a medicine, which led to the abuse.

In fact, no inflammation in the throat where casual clothes with throat tablet, oral mucosa will dry and damage caused by mouth ulcers, throat lozenges in the antibacterial ingredients will kill or inhibit the normal flora of the mouth, so that harmful inflammation caused by bacteria take advantage of, but also to non-pathogenic bacteria have been also took the opportunity to revolt and cause disease.

With a voice over with iodine throat tablet? Lactating women with caution throat tablet

Because the mechanism of each throat tablet different, even if the throat with inflammation, can not free with service. Some throat tablet containing iodide or quaternary ammonium salt surfactant, a bactericidal effect, mainly used for bacterial throat inflammation, but significant stimulation of oral mucosa, with not a long-term service. In addition, people allergic to iodine should not take, breast-feeding women should not take such a throat tablet, as iodine can affect infant development through breast milk.

Common throat tablet on the market to stimulate the secretion of mainly mucosa, thirst, but does not apply to viral pharyngitis. In addition, excessive use of voice due to sore throat, using throat tablet is not effective.

Tobacco and alcohol to stimulate help Sterculia lychnophora? Sterculia lychnophora suitable for excessive use of voice

Sterculia lychnophora also were often used to protect the throat, Sterculia lychnophora of sweet, cold, with Qingfei phlegm, Liyan open sound effect, suitable for excessive use of voice, caused by loud shouting hoarse voice, and thirst, pharyngeal disease and so on. And as vocal nodules and vocal polyps, vocal cord dysraphism, caused by excessive alcohol and tobacco to stimulate the dumb, drink Sterculia lychnophora is invalid.

Those with less appetite, abdominal Leng Tong, loose stool as the main manifestation of the spleen and stomach Deficiency who drink tea with Sterculia lychnophora easily lead to diarrhea. The cold caused by cold cough, sore throat, and performance for the dry cough without sputum, hoarseness in patients with lung yin deficiency, drink Sterculia lychnophora is invalid.

In addition, diabetic people, Sterculia lychnophora containing galacturonic acid, arabinose, galactose, acetic acid, galactose and so on. Soaked in water to drink, they would be superfluous intake of sugar, so diabetic patients with the best drink less. In addition, Sterculia lychnophora also has antihypertensive effect, blood pressure, low blood pressure were normal or long-term use, low blood pressure may appear dangerous.

Nursing voice side

Fresh white radish juice drink a day

For the winter it is easy to sore throat, tonsillitis and even easier to get people who, every day with fresh raw radish juice drink will help prevent and ease. People who have mouth ulcers can also gargle with the juice of white radish. Asthma, and a little sugar, pear or Ouzhi, adjuvant treatment with better results.

Health Health chewing white radish, for cough phlegm, sore throat, hoarse voice of the people who have helped, but because of radish Partial cold and cool and Lee intestine, spleen Diarrhea had better eat less; a gastric ulcer, 12 mean ulcer, chronic gastritis, simple goiter, patients with diseases such as uterine prolapse remember not to eat.

Morning gargle salt water

When the throat feeling slightly unwell, can be used to do morning gargle salt water; sore throat, the daily use of concentrated salt water gargle 5-6 times, can play anti-inflammatory effects of sterilization.

Experts: Beware of laryngitis after the Spring Festival

Mr Chong from the big six-year itch on the feeling of throat discomfort associated with dry cough, no care, eighth day of the first day of work, he ran across Huoshaohuoliao throat, coughing constantly, abnormal painful, affecting the work stand in the way my colleagues after work to the hospital to see a doctor and was diagnosed with acute pharyngitis. Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital ENT professor, MD, reminders, and Mr Chong as a result of the Chinese New Year and more people suffering from laryngitis, and to young males. Pharyngitis long treatment-induced hair easy to multiple complications, should be timely treatment, and the rest to pay attention to adjust their diets and less recent alcohol.

Weather, restaurants and over-pronunciation is the major factor

professor introduced the induced laryngitis many factors, weather, restaurants and over-pronunciation is the major factor. Pharyngitis during the Spring Festival of multiple, mainly because this year the weather is relatively cold during the Spring Festival, between about 5-12 degrees, together with the people's daily needs during the holiday season is often a lack of law, we are busy socializing, entertaining programs, rest is not enough , resulting in decreased body resistance and pathogenic micro-organisms swoop. Especially in the Spring Festival period, many young men and ultimately entertaining in alcohol, and often eating too much, and eat more fried and fatty type foods, these foods likely to cause "lit", cause pharyngitis.

Laryngitis is inflammation of the throat is the common diseases of upper respiratory tract infection, pharyngitis in the ENT clinic is a very common disease, such patients account for about 40% of outpatients, especially in the spring easier to attack.

The main clinical symptoms of dry mouth, throat dryness, throat swelling, pain, sometimes accompanied by more or less viscous secretions, or foreign body sensation in the throat, difficulty in handling, can cause severe hoarseness, breathing a burning throat burning feeling, throat obvious follicular hyperplasia, or even hemoptysis of secretion. As painful, patients often cough or issued a "slightly anything about this incident," the voice, it will affect their own, but also hinder others.

Pharyngitis long treatment can induce a variety of complications

It is reported that the incidence of sore throat in the crowd as high as 87%, induced or aggravated by laryngitis systemic diseases accounted for 65%. The saying goes that good: "the throat is a mirror of general health." Timely and correct treatment of acute pharyngitis is not easy to become a chronic sore throat, easy to form long treatment of chronic pharyngitis streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus bacteria and viruses such as machine bone joints and organs organizations, induced myocarditis, pleurisy, rheumatoid arthritis inflammation, tuberculosis, nephritis, throat, esophagus and other complications from occurring. Shows that the throat just like the human body against diseases first door, if door open, the virus invaded the infinite harm.

Pharyngitis non-small-disease doctors recommend eating activity habits as soon as reasonably

professor reminded that the sore throat is a minor illness, does not matter, even if the symptoms do not appear heavy to see a doctor, this is extremely irresponsible for their own health. Patients suffering from laryngitis must be timely medical treatment! Doctors per patient according to different situations, using the appropriate medicine, microwave, atomization or surgical treatment such as treatment and curative effect. In addition, doctors recommend that patients should be to restore postganglionic scientific habits, work and rest, proper rest, while reasonable arrangements diet, less smoking, alcohol consumption, less consumption of high fatty and spicy food categories such as irritation, sounds appropriate, and Note that a timely window ventilation.

Xiao Bian Return Weapon: acute and chronic pharyngitis to the attention of a difference

Patients with acute pharyngitis

1. Illness, should be more and drink boiled water, food to light, easy to digest for the principles, such as white rice, noodles, lotus root, fresh vegetables. Chinese cabbage, gourd, melon, watermelon, pear, cucumber, green beans, tofu has the role of heat can eat more.

2. Jishi greasy, viscous, fried food, meat Hunxing are unfit for human consumption or as little food.

3. Pharyngitis in acute phase generally not into supplements, if considered weak impatience, then a little egg, milk, lean meat and the like, to righting gas.

Patients with chronic pharyngitis

1. Yichi to remove heat toxin, yin, moistens the lung function of food such as vegetables and fruits: carrots, cabbage, cucumber, spinach, winter melon, bitter melon, pear, banana, persimmon, loquat, apple, pineapple, lychees, sugar cane, etc. . Meat and poultry categories: lean pork, duck, rabbit meat, lung and other nourishing yin to the effect, and can be multiple choice food. Milk, eggs are capable of meeting needs nourishing and moistening, also commonly used. Beans with bean, Adzuki bean, black beans better.

2. Should not eat sheep, dogs, birds of meat products such as hot Xin Wen.

3. Spicy of the goods, to stimulate the throat, unfit for human consumption.